yoga hatha - yoga for all bodies


Bring your sassy self and get down with your fellow yogis. Having practiced yoga in every size body from 4 – 24, Monika appreciates and understands that yoga doesn’t look, feel and manifest in every body the same way.  She teaches from a place of understanding, but she doesn’t hold back. 

Make friends, find your tribe…as you explore and expand the limits of your body’s capabilities. Learn tools and tricks to use yoga to get the most out of your life both on and off the mat.  Stretch into a deeper knowledge of who you are in a body-affirming environment. Our classes are geared toward, but not limited to, curvy-bodied babes. All body types are welcome.  

THIS IS NOT YOGA FOR WEIGHT LOSS!  This is yoga for strength, empowerment, healing, and renewal.

Monika works with energy, affirmations, and breath – guiding you through a gentle sequence designed to help you wind down and melt away the stresses of your day.

All classes use gentle yoga postures with an emphasis on proper alignment, to bring flexibility, calm and strength to the practitioner. Monika has extensive experience in adjusting yoga to the yogi, making the mind, body, breath and energetic benefits of yoga accessible to everyone that walks in the door.  Each and every class is body-affirming, inclusive and welcoming.

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