Summer McGowen Shirey

I started taking dance when I was a kid.  I fell in love with it before I realized I wasn’t “good” at it.  My body was “wrong”, my feet were “wrong” – everything about me was wrong.  Somehow, though, when I was dancing, everything just felt right!  I rediscovered dance when I was in my thirties with a full time job, 3 kids at home, a husband and a trash eating dog.  During a particularly difficult period in my life, I walked into a dance class at my gym.  I didn’t care what others thought or what I looked liked; I was just desperate to do anything that would make me feel better.  Dancing was like coming home to myself!  I was a macaroni noodle in a sea of spaghetti arms, but I didn’t care.  I stopped looking at my body and my mind as separate entities; when I was dancing, my body connected with my mind and my spirit so intensely that I couldn’t stop smiling.  In the middle of a class, what I thought was sweat turned out to be tears of joy running down my face.  I was just so grateful to be able to feel so energetic and free, even in the face of all the noise around me. 

Meanwhile, all of this joy was radiating into the rest of my life.  Everything changed.  I became the woman booty popping in the office bathroom, in the yoga studio, in the kitchen.  I completed Mixxed Fit certification in 2016 because I wanted to be able to introduce others to the same thing that had saved me.  I want every woman to be able to feel that happiness – that sense of connection between body and mind that comes when you forget about what others are thinking and you stop worrying about ALL. THE. THINGS.  Dancing brings me to a place where I can just BE.  I hope you’ll join me there.

See you on the dance floor!


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