Sabrina Hamilton

The moment yoga actually clicked in for me took place on my couch. I read an email from Ananda meditation temple, a flyer for their yoga teacher training program. I raised an eyebrow for a moment, then moved on. It was only a few moments later I picked my phone back up, opened to the email and read through it again, all the while my head nodding with enthusiasm- my life course altering right in front of me. “Yes.” I even said out loud. “I’m gonna do THAT!”

One of the best decisions I have made. 

To me, yoga feels like family, it feels like my way back home. Through yoga, I’ve dove deeper into myself. I’ve used my body in incredible and strong ways, to uncover harder and grittier truths. Yoga allows me to work with them, and through them. Yoga has helped me identify just how much my ego mind likes to talk, but I’ve also developed a stronger connection to my inner self, where I’m absolutely safe, free, and allowed to express in whatever ways I desire. 

It takes great humility, bravery, and strength to take yourself to those deep places within, but I promise- the reward is a freedom from mind and body that revitalizes and recharges your spirit. Yoga is your opportunity to love and accept your body, then begin working with it. The transformation I’ve experienced in my own personal practice of yoga and meditation is too astounding and significant for me to not be passionate in sharing it with others. I feel greatly called to do yoga with each and every beautiful body who is ready to take that next step in truly getting to know your Self.