Monika has used the last 12 years on her yoga mat as a time to create healing in her life – her passion is sharing that healing with those seeking it.

When she arrived on the mat through a series of events, Monika couldn’t reach her feet to tie her shoes…her body and spirit were broken. Her practice started with a mat, a book, a spark of curiosity and consisted of two poses. Over time as Monika’s body became stronger, and more importantly she realized what she was capable of, she added more poses to her repertoire. Her life continued to be transformed…one breath at a time.

Experiencing such phenomenal healing inspired Monika to become a yoga instructor so that she could share the healing that she received with others.  She received a top notch education under Murali Venkatrao, of the Ananda Meditation Temple in Bothell, WA.

Every day I jump out of bed (well I crawl to my coffee, then I jump) excited to do what I do.  Seeing transformation in my student’s practice, bodies, and lives.. hearing from them how yoga has helped them… seeing the light grow in a person… all of these things keep me coming back to this studio with a full heart.

Teaching yoga and holding space for my kick ass students in this beautiful studio is far more than a job to me.  This is my dream, my passion and my healing.  Every day I get to live out my greatest joys. Find your own healing. Come vibe with me. 

I might be a little sassy.

I might be a little sassy.