Inner Transformation Yoga {Hatha Yoga+ Affirmations + Your Beautiful Self}


Who is a Yogini?

A Yogini is an empowered, beautiful, and compassionate soul who honors her every need within her body, and listens to her body so that she may begin to tap into her truest, most ultimate potential.

A Yogini is grateful for every opportunity that life brings about, knowing fully that there is always potential for growth and to explore deeper realms of truth within herself through humility and strength. Also, the Yogini stands firmly and confidently in her own gorgeous body- centered, fully trusting of the power she bestows.

A Yogini knows that her deepest strength is within her, and will always be. Only she has the power to transform it however she truly desires.

Are you ready to transform your inner Yogini through the practice of Yoga?

*Class is for All-Levels and All Bodies.