Class Descriptions Classes for all bodies.


Curvy Yoga is an attitude. Bring your sassy self and get down with your fellow yogis. Having practiced yoga in every size body from 4 – 24, Monika appreciates and understands that yoga doesn’t look, feel and manifest in every body the same way.  She teaches from a place of understanding, but she doesn’t hold back.

Inner Transformation Yoga A Yogini is an empowered, beautiful, and compassionate soul who honors her every need within her body, and listens to her body so that she may begin to tap into her truest, most ultimate potential. She also stands firmly and confidently in her own gorgeous body-centered and fully trusting of the power she bestows. A Yogini knows that her deepest strength is within her, and will always be. Only she has the power to transform it however she truly desires. Are you ready to transform? 

Yoga For All People Open your heart to an expanding flow of energy with meditative hatha yoga. Cultivate balance, strength, flexibility, and energy with variations for practitioners at every level. Emphasis is on a strong spine, an open heart, and deep breathing. This class is taught by Curvy Yoga certified Monika Thompson. All bodies are welcome in this space. This is a Co-Ed Class! All genders welcome!