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Cherrish Teachout

Hey there! My name is Cherrish; I’m the unicorn of the studio and Monika’s Girl Friday, helping with anything and everything (allll the things!). I’ve been a student at Fierce Love Yoga since it opened, earning the coveted “OG” status.

Mainly I assist with the design and maintenance of the FLY website, create systems to keep Monika moving forward (aka wrangling the mermaid). I also help ensure administrative tasks and systems are covered so she can focus on bringing the yoga to her clients.

When I started my yoga practice, I was suffering from anxiety, depression and a disconnect with my body. Monika’s Curvy Yoga classes have not only helped me feel more in tune with my body, but I have rediscovered my voice, my inner fire, and a community of amazingly powerful, kick-ass ladies to laugh with. Joining FLY was absolutely the best gift I gave myself as it’s made a huge impact on the quality of my life. 

Cherrish Teachout
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If you have any questions on what is offered at Fierce Love Yoga or see any issues with the website, please let me know! 🙂