Fierce Love Body Trust

Healing your relationship with your body through yoga, discussion, journaling, art, meditation, and community

Have you come to the place where you realize that there has got to be more to life than what our fitness tracker is telling you that you need?  Is the feedback that you are getting from the scale or mirror messing with your sense of worth?  Do you want something to do for your health that isn’t centered around calorie exchange?  Do you want to live in the space where your body isn’t a project that needs fixing?

Fierce Love Body Trust was made for you!

You DESERVE to live the life that you love. RECLAIM your power from the diet culture and learn how to give it back to the amazing self that you already are.

There is more to life than trying to make your body fit into a certain shape or size. Throughout this process, we will bring to light some of the harmful messages we’re constantly being subjected to about bodies in our culture. We will work with how those messages have been internalized in our own bodies and stories and see what we can do about creating a new narrative for ourselves that is more honoring to our physical form.

What We’ll Cover

  • What is Body Trust? – Getting into the nitty-gritty of trusting our bodies and each other.
  • Your body is not the problem! (in fact, it’s amazeballs!) – Dropping in with the idea that our bodies are magnificent, examining reasons why we might believe otherwise, offering some reframing and healing towards our self-talk/image.
  • Food is not the problem! (it’s amazeballs too!) – We’ll be hanging out with the idea that food is neither good nor bad.  Kale is not better than cake!
  • What are you REALLY hungry for? – Diving a little deeper into what is the driving force behind our hunger. Checking in with desire and want and seeing what it’s really speaking to us, and how we can truly feed that hunger.
  • Fanning the Flames – Explore YOUR POWER!  Playing with our strengths and passions, encouraging them to burn hotter and brighter.
  • Resiliency  (or don’t let the Bastards get you down) – Taking this work with you, caring for yourself on the bad days, setting healthy boundaries, and cultivating stigma and shame resistance.

Curriculum includes:

  • 75 min weekly yoga practice accessible to all bodies
  • 75 min of weekly group work
  • Private FB Group – Our virtual community, classroom, and meeting space. Daily content will be presented throughout the week to keep you engaged, but not overwhelmed.
  • 30 min private video chat with Monika – Talk about anything at all!
  • Q&A day with Monika – ask me anything about anything one day a week and I’ll do my best to get you an answer.

You know your body better than anyone else.  Isn’t it time to allow yourself to lean into healing and trust your body a little bit more?  We’re waiting for you to join us!

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